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nJoy Movie Server

 After nearly a year of designing, building, testing, and perfecting our movie server systems, they are almost ready to leave our office and make take center stage for “movie night” in homes all over the country.

Mile High Automation created the nJoy line of movie servers to allow clients to watch any movie, in any format, anywhere in the house. While we are not the first company to offer these systems, our nJoy server will store 5 times as many movies as the competition while costing half the price.

The nJoy DVD Movie Server loads and stores your DVD and Blu-Ray collections and presents them on a beautiful user interface directly on your TV.  Now all your movies can be stored all in one place with access as easy as clicking a remote.  Browse your library alphabetically, by genre, or release date; the choice is yours.

The nJoy server offers full meta-data and DVD cover art, so browsing through your collection is easy and fun.  The nJoy stores and catalogs up to 1000 DVDs.  So no more searching through shelves and shelves of movies looking for the right one, the nJoy Movie Server streamlines the process so you don’t even need to get off the couch.

We are currently accepting pre-orders for our initial release which is slated for June 15th.  If you are interested please give us a call!

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